Mental strength training.

Stress is a force to which we can inoculate ourselves. As Dr. Rhonda Patrick points out in her most recent newsletter, stress, in small doses, can be beneficial to the body. Take green tea for example. We all accept at face value that it has health benefits. Ever wonder why?

You've probably never felt stressed by drinking a glass of green tea, but compounds in the tea trigger a mild chemical stress response. Your body reacts to compounds in the tea by bolstering its antioxidation response, resulting in a net benefit from the mild stressor.

This is where the science ends and the philosophy begins. On a genetic level, we are built to handle stress. I'm not saying that living in a constant state of life-or-death fear is beneficial. However, we are capable of accomplishing great things under pressure. And moreover, we're made stronger by the stress. Something to keep in mind as we head into another work week.